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Salad Facial Kit

Say Goodbye to Breakouts!!!!

Rub Salad on Face Now

Facial In a Bag

3 Bags..Dessert, Salad or Smoothie


Why Buff Her?

Customizable Exfoliants

You add the powdered exfoliants to your favorite cleanser, oil, or water. 

Gentle Enough to Use Daily

Our exfoliants are powdered and facial kits are very effective yet very gentle. 

Natural & Organic Ingredients

We only select organic fruits and vegetables for our exfoliants and facial kits.   

Created By Estheticians

Use for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive, or combo skin.

  • Felicia (Before & After)

    Felicia's skin type is comb/oily. She loves the Strawberry Lemon Crumbles Foaming Food Facial Scrub. Our Strawberry Lemon helped with her smoothness, discoloration and acne breakouts after daily use. 

  • Tina (Before & After)

    Tina has sensitive skin so she fell in love with the Oatmeal Blueberry Cookie. Our Oatmeal Blueberry Cookie helped with her redness, texture, and blemishes after daily use. 

  • Janique (Before & After)

    Janique has dry skin and loves the Milk & Honey. Our Milk & Honey helped with her texture and occasional breakouts.

Facial In A Bag

Rub some food on your face...for super smooth skin!

Smoothie Facial In A Bag
  • Pick Your Facial Bag

    3 bags to choose from: Salad, Smoothie or Dessert. You'll find Facial cleansing mist, exfoliating cleanser, and beauty oil (drops).

  • Skin Type

    Based on your skin care needs each bag is formulated to target a specific skin type or condition.

  • That Glow

    You're going to love the way your skin feels. Exfoliation is a major key to flawless skin!

  • Smoothie Facial In A Bag

    Features & Benefits🌹🍏🥥🍑
    •Brightening-Roses & Apple
    •Reduces skin discoloration-Milk & Berry
    •Reduces fine lines & dark spots-Roses & Apple
    •Helps protect from UV rays-Peach

What our Buff Her Babes are saying...


This is my 4th time repurchasing the Strawberry Lemon Crumbles. It is amazing! I love how simple and natural the ingredients are, they have wonderful skin benefits. A little goes a long way. Makes my skin bright and smooth and it smells yummy! I use this product once or twice a week as it would be too much exfoliation for daily use. This product does magic to my skin. Highly, highly recommend it!


I've tried too many exfoliating scrubs to even remember them all and I can honestly say that this is the best one I've ever tried! Vanilla Almond Crumbles is not too rough or too little on the texture, it's just right. It makes my skin softer than anything else and because it's so natural and good for my skin it never irritates or dries my sensitive, acne prone skin out. Please keep making this perfect scrub forever! I don't know what I'd do without it anymore. I usually use it 2-3 times per week. I'm hooked! Love it!!


Skin feels so soft after using, it certainly removes dead skin cells!


I am an over-40, acne-suffering sceptic. Since I've been using the Oatmeal Blueberry Cookie facial scrub I'm afraid to even go to any other item in my Mini kit! Use as directed and in little time you'll love the results! Not a review writer either but I'm encouraged to express my true feeling and opinion on this product. Thanks and Great job!

I fell in love with my sample from Ipsy and went on a hunt until I found the website..LOVE


This stuff is like magic! My skin is very sensitive, and very it can be challenging...but this stuff left my skin feeling cleansed, softer, and with no irritation. My pores looked smaller and my skin looked brighter! I love this stuff, and i definitely recommend these products. It's nice to be able to choose a product for your skin type, and see actual results!! Thank you buff her!!

Which Facial Bag or Buff is right for my skin?

We are all about the ingredients! Every Facial Bag and Buff is jammed packed with organic fruits and veggies. Find out which Facial Bag or Buff is best for your skin type and condition. 

Get In the get that GLOW!

Check out Trina from Beauty Beyond 40!  A Step by Step guide on how to use and fall in love with our Buffs.  


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