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Simplistic Skincare...You Gotta Exfoliate!

Simplistic Skincare...You Gotta Exfoliate!

Why Natural Skin Care is Better for Your Skin


Beauty may be deeper than the skin, but the skin plays a very critical role in maintaining both beauty and health!


Being the largest organ in our body, the skin is also our first line of defense against unwanted, harmful bacteria and other microbes.


Very highly sensitive to sensory stimulations such as touch, temperature and other weather conditions, the skin also helps maintain the fluid balance in the body.


Why exfoliate?


The outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis which is an effective barrier that prevents microorganisms from entering. Within the epidermis are five sub layers. The outermost sub layer of the epidermis is made of dead cells that are flattened. About 20 layers of dead cells are found in this layer. Besides, this layer also consists of sweat glands and the sebaceous glands that keep the skin moisturized and soft.


The secretions of these glands include plenty of acidic substances that also maintain the pH of the skin in a slightly acidic condition. This is necessary to prevent the growth of skin-friendly microbes that cannot survive in the acidic environment. The slightly acidic environment also helps in the natural shedding process of the dead skin cells.


The skin is an expert at naturally taking care of itself unless there is a huge amount of injury, illness or neglect!


You can speed up and assist the skin with natural skin care methods that include gentle exfoliation to removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin.


Natural skin care with exfoliation: What are the ways you can exfoliate?


Exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells so that the outer layer of the skin starts to glow and is able to provide active defense against harmful invaders. Here are some natural skin care remedies with exfoliation:


Oatmeal: An oatmeal scrub is wonderful since it is gentle and removes the dead cells on the outer layers without causing irritation or rashes. To help keep the skin soft after exfoliating, it is better to mix oatmeal with little milk and use it as a scrub.


Sea salt: Sea salt is a known remedy for many allergies and skin infections. Salt therapy is based on the healing powers of salt! Lightly scrub sea salt granules on the skin which is an ideal natural skin care method.


Sugar: Sugar is another easily available agent to exfoliate.


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