Sweet Potato Pie Organic Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Exfoliating Food Facial Scrub

Sweet Potato Pie Organic Exfoliating Facial Scrub

No one wants to be a potato face. Unless you're talking about sweet potatoes.

Turns out that the beta carotene in sweet potatoes helps combat rough, scaly winter skin. And the nutrient may protect against UV damage, too. Seems beta carotene helps balance pH and encourages skin cell turnover -- both of which can mean smoother, softer skin. Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin C, another skin-friendly nutrient that can combat aging and dryness.


Features & Benefits

  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Removes bacteria, dirt, buildup, and leftover makeup for a pure and clean complexion
  • Provides the skin with soothing and antibacterial properties
  • Gentle enough and safe for ultra-sensitive skin


Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Organic Ipomoea Batatas (Sweet Potato), Whole Dry (Milk) Powder, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Buff Her House Of Exfoliation Is Always Paraben Free – Cruelty Free – Non-GMO – Gluten Free – Pthalate Free – Petroleum Free – Sulfate Free – No Artificial Fragrances or Colors

Skin Type

Recommended for all skin types


A little goes a long way

1. Dispense a quarter-sized amount into wet hands, or mix with your favorite cleanser in palms.

2. Rub hands together to activate the powder and create a creamy paste.

3. Massage into skin using circular motions, avoiding the eye area.

4. Rinse thoroughly and pat to reveal skin that is completely cleansed, fresh, and renewed.

Beta Carotene

Sweet potato is a true super food item for skin care. What makes it so virtuous is the fact that it is loaded with Vitamins A, B and C, which are essential for keeping skin healthy and radiant. Moreover, the anti-oxidant properties of sweet potato helps in fighting against all sorts of free radical damage; protecting. Besides, sweet potatoes contain Anthocyanin and other color related pigments that provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. No wonder it is highly recommended for people suffering from skin problems like acne. 

really does the body good

Wondering how can milk cleanse your skin? Milk is soothing and moisturizing to skin, it brightens, cleanses and mildly exfoliates your skin.  The main benefit of using milk powder on your skin is to keep it well hydrated and healthy. The natural fats contained in whole milk powder can help to moisturize your skin, it brightens, cleanses, mildly exfoliates and provides it with nutrients to keep it healthy.

Rice is Nice

Each bottle of our exfoliating scrubs contains rice powder as a base ingredient. This will remove dead cells from your body and make your skin appear soft, smooth and supple. Exfoliating your skin can keep your skin looking brighter and fresher. Rice powder is a rich source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights aging and free radical damage, and linoleic acids. Linoleic acid is in the fatty acid family, which is essential for healthy skin. It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, softening skin and making it supple. It also provides healing support to skin cell regeneration, making it a potent acne-fighter.

Step 1

Sprinkle Buff-Her in with your cleanser

Step 2

Buff the all natural exfoliating mixture into your face

Step 3

Rinse off and feel the smooth

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